it's a drug

u came,
when I start to hate life,
when every hope shattered,
when I lose my breath,
when life worth nothing,
when what was there with me were just tears,

u came,
broke my wall,
reaching those scarred hand,
despite the
monster in me,
u said it's okay to give it a try,
never once I lie,
about the monster,
about my past,
about my fears,
u didn't see it yet u said,
it's okay
so u came,
n I let u in,
happiness starting to be with me,
be with us,
but they will never leave,
they are my curse,
just like I did to everyone,
I hurt u too,
just like I did to everyone,
I tried to save u,
but instead I killing u slowly,
I am parasite,
they are my curse,
I have no cure,

ur love was a drug,
to slow the death,
but in what ever way,
they will eventually come,
to get me,
for all my past,
just like what was written to my wall,
I was cursed,
by my own words,

I'm addicted to ur drugs,
to feel alive,
to feel happy,
but that curse wont leave,
leaving me in pain for hurting u,

I can't save u,
nor can't I stay away from u,
coz u are my drugs,

in the end,
I can only standing in the pain,
watching they hurt u,
with my hand,
with my words,
killing u slowly...

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